nation We all love independence in our thinking, in our ways of work and in our association with friends, family and co-workers. We need to be respected at school, in hospitals, at work or in the public.
We love to speak out our thoughts, to be listened and to have our interests recognized and implemented in decision making so that we don’t feel left out.

We also love to share insights in matters that concern us and affects the fraternity of our friends, family and others in the society.
Most of all, our cherished value is to have those thoughts, insights and interests protected from undue interference from any authority or legislation of any law abridging our freedom of speech and expression.
We want assurance that our voices are heard and form part of decisions made by the government or other government functions. We feel great that our actions and protests can obliterate any impunity course which may arise due to greed, dishonesty, immoral ambitions or selfishness of our leaders.

                       “We all want a better world”

                 But how do we go championing our concerns?

Tyler Tyler
I’m lost

Gretchen Gretchen
I realized that when I so no flag on this place.

Tyler Tyler
Is this some sort of church convention?

Tanya Tanya
This must be a speech site for the deaf and mute.

Tyler Tyler
Tanya, you must be kidding, right?

Betty Betty
Com’on guys. Be serious. You need to check on various categories in this site and learn how the media fights for our interests to be voiced.

This site was initially established in 2005 and operated through to early 2013 by a radio station whose presenters volunteered the obligation of voicing the interests of the public.

                                “Voice of the Voiceless”

development povertyThe presenter had great and interesting debates on matters affecting the public and also played a crucial role of sensitizing the general public of their constitutional rights and their stake in decisions made by the government and other authorities on their behalf.
The site is now being relaunched (still in progress) with better and more elaborate message that will make it possible for you to voice any concerns when you feel the government is wrong or you find your leaders overstepping their mandate or you notice any greed activities by your leader(s).
Do you know that you’ve got the right to engage in symbolic speech e.g. burning of portrait or image of your leader if you are aggrieved and you want your voice to be heard?

Do you know that you’ve got the right not to salute the flag of your country?
Do you know that as a student you’ve got the right to wear a black armband to school to protest against war? And you are allowed to wear it past your school gate?
Do you know that you’ve got the freedom of speech to use certain offensive words and phrases to convey political messages.


Megan Megan
Of course I know my rights.

Betty Betty
All gays do.

Tyler Tyler
Betty, that’s disrespect.

Jessica Jessica
Thought Betty is entitled to her opinion.

Tanya Tanya
Megan, Tyler. Have a look at various categories in this site to know more about your freedoms.

Betty Betty
But the site is still under construction.

Tyler Tyler
So you mean I’m not to read the already published posts.

Gretchen Gretchen
Of course that’s your right.